Breakcold is a sales CRM that combines the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, and email to help you cultivate B2B relationships. This tool enables you to develop B2B relationships directly in this CRM, regardless of whether you’re attempting to interact with leads on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email.

You can view and interact with your lead’s postings from a single feed rather of switching between different tabs. You will also be able to personalise your outreach and quickly close more deals because it will be simpler to form bonds with leads.

Breakcold Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You may curate feeds for segmented B2B lists, such C-levels and agencies, to make laser-targeted outreach even simpler to handle.
  • To view the most recent posts from other segments and to interact with prospects at the ideal time, switch across feeds
  • You can use the pertinent lead information to create messages that are uniquely yours whenever you wish to get in touch.
  • Using dynamic plug-and-play templates, the tool enables you to build unique sales pipelines with as many steps as you desire
  • By altering the titles and colours of each sales step, you can personalise the look and feel of your sales pipeline
  • It follows that you may plan your sales cycle and quickly target leads at crucial stages of your sales funnel
  • Additionally, you can experiment with cold email campaigns to see which one generates the most responses.
  • You can make and send an endless number of cold email sequences with the ability to use Zapier to start sequences.
  • You can use one of the platform’s preset variable templates or set up new variables to customise your messaging
  • Engage with leads natively through one CRM on LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, and observe all of their posts on a single stream
  • Send an infinite number of customised cold email sequences, manage various B2B lists, and create sales pipelines.
Breakcold Appsumo Price
Breakcold Appsumo Price
Breakcold Regular Pricing
Breakcold Regular Pricing


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