With the Blogify AI-powered utility, you only need to copy and paste the YouTube video link, and the rest will be handled automatically.  The most comprehensive solution for converting videos to text! Expand your audience, enhance your online presence, and elevate the quality of your content.  It will generate an SEO-optimized blog for you automatically!

What can you do with Blogify?

  • You can create a publishing schedule for your blogs by connecting your WordPress or Blogger.com account.
  • It will even choose the ideal image to complement your post.
  • Connect your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and this tool will schedule the sharing of your blog posts.
  • Connect your Mailchimp or Aweber account to directly distribute your blog’s newsletter to your subscribers.
  • Create a blog in more than twenty languages!

Blogify Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Blog Your Videos Using Artificial Intelligence – Utilising AI-powered solutions, quickly convert your videos into SEO-friendly blogs. AI can generate content on your behalf.
  • Automate Your Content Creation – Say goodbye to the hassle of administering your blog and social media platforms independently! With cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, you can write, publish, and share content on all of your pages according to a predetermined schedule!
  • Automatic Blog Monetization – Easily monetize your blog with our AI-powered service! AI discovers the best keywords and, if desired, links them to affiliate programmes for commission. Verify your earnings and cash out when you’re set.
  • Reduces the time and effort required to create and publish content by transforming videos into SEO-optimized blog posts in minutes.
  • Increased engagement: Repurpose your video content into engaging written articles, thereby enticing a larger audience and enhancing your online presence.
  • Automated publishing: Seamlessly integrate with popular blogging and social media platforms to automatically publish content and expand your audience.
  • Consistent content: Maintain a consistent posting schedule without the hassle of manual content creation and publication, ensuring that your blog’s content remains fresh and pertinent
  • Utilise AI-powered optimisation to improve your blog’s search engine ranking and generate more organic traffic.
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Blogify Regular Price
Blogify Regular Price
Blogify Dealmirror Price
Blogify Dealmirror Price

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