Blisk is a browser that streamlines your productivity by allowing you to design and test web applications using configurable, multi-functional dev tools. Blisk accelerates operations for your whole team, from developers and quality assurance engineers to designers, marketers, and salespeople, thanks to its multi-functional workspace.

It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and its UI is based on the Chromium engine, making it accessible for all users—particularly those who are familiar with Google Chrome. You may issue or cancel licenses at any moment using the dedicated admin interface and various team management features, ensuring complete control over who uses your company license.

Blisk Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can also use this tool in browser mode to examine websites and extensions, or in developer, mode to manage numerous devices and activate other features.
  • The multi-device view allows developers to work on multiple devices at once, allowing them to combine their efforts
  • The primary functionality of managing many devices simultaneously across operating systems and device types—is available in developer mode
  • You may design your own device set by combining iOS, Android, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows devices, then comparing them side by side
  • So you don’t have to repeat operations across device stacks, synchronized navigation and scroll capabilities allow devices in your set to follow each other as you explore a webpage
  • Additionally, any device you’re working with can have custom development tools, orientations, errors/warnings, and annotations on screenshots
  • It also allows you to start Chrome-like development tools for each device separately
  • To scan each device in real-time, use automatic error monitoring.
  • Support for touch events
  • Both portrait and landscape modes are available
  • Pixel ratio on the native device
  • User agents that are native to the platform
  • Syncing URLs between devices
  • Syncing scrolling between devices
  • Error checker for websites
  • Auto-refreshing web pages
  • Throttling in the network
  • Screenshots and screenshots from multiple devices
  • Recorder for the screen
  • Editor of photographs
  • Each device has its own set of developer tools.

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