Alta is an artificial intelligence writing tool that allows you to create high-quality content using an easy-to-use interface. Overcome writer’s block quickly! It enables you to convert your thoughts into compelling content simply by speaking with AI.

Simply enter your suggestion, and this tool will get to work, whether that means brainstorming with you or creating original material that matches your demands. Are you unsure how to get started? Use smart, real-time hints and ideas to elevate your content strategy.

Alta Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It provides suggestions and templates to help you generate copy for a variety of platforms
  • To get started, select your target platform, set the word count, enter your keywords, and select the appropriate tone.
  • You’ll be able to create SEO-friendly blog content as well as Google Ad descriptions
  • You can also train this technology to recognize your brand voice, making it simple to create content that sounds exactly like you
  • All you have to do is copy and paste a content sample that reflects your brand’s feel, and it will analyze it quickly.
  • You can construct brand voices for various marketing goals and then apply them to specific projects
  • To take things to the next level, Alta’s Improve feature allows you to fine-tune prompts to achieve the desired results from AI
  • This means no more endless regeneration! With just a few clicks, you may get precise, relevant responses
  • And, because this tool has a straightforward, user-friendly design, you may begin using it right away to accelerate your content creation process
  • It is jam-packed with clever features that can help you transform your ideas into authentic, engaging content for all of your marketing needs
  • Enter a text question into the AI chat to generate content and receive answers quickly
  • Use AI templates for different channels to create diversified, high-quality content that matches your brand.
alta appsumo price
alta appsumo price
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alta regular pricing

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