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    Alphana is an AI content manager that can convert your movies into over 30 pieces of ready-to-post content in record time. This tool allows you to rapidly convert your video or audio into over 30 different forms of content—all you need to do is drop in your video.

    Create LinkedIn posts, short-form clips, blogs, and newsletters using your video or podcast. Import your existing content from YouTube, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

    Alphana Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

    • Easily grab material and distribute it on your preferred platforms.
    • You can select customisable workflow templates depending on your desired content type, style, and requirements.
    • Use AI cards in conjunction with natural language prompts to automate content generation.
    • Create workflows for repurposing videos and podcasts.
    • Create AI pictures from text and video to make your content visually attractive.
    • You’ll also gain access to a collection of AI cards and templates based on successful podcasts or YouTube videos to help you elevate your content.
    • Download ready-made templates for snappy titles, viral hooks, and engaging social media posts.
    • Enhance social media posts with simple prompts.\
    • It can automatically generate a variety of content kinds, including YouTube transcripts, Instagram captions, and ebook themes.
    • Create accurate video transcripts with timestamps and key takeaways in 36 languages.
    • Summarise customer calls, meetings, webinars, and live events to gain useful insights.
    • Focus on strategic planning and big picture ideas, while this tool does the actual lifting.
    • It allows you to convert existing video or podcast content into interesting social posts, blogs, articles, and much more with just a few clicks.
    • Transform any video or podcast into 30+ fascinating pieces of content.
    • AI cards can help you automate the process of creating content for LinkedIn postings, short-form clips, blogs, and other purposes.

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