Alice is an AI assistant who employs cutting-edge AI models to do routine chores with quick responses, keyboard shortcuts, and automation. You may use an AI assistant to find exactly what you’re looking for without disrupting your productivity.

You’ll have access to a collection of prompts for typical, repetitive actions, allowing you to optimise your routine overnight.

Alice Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can use leading AI models such as OpenAI, Perplexity, Anthropic, and offline models.
  • You can draft emails, develop ideas, and accomplish complex activities in simple mode.
  • To ensure the greatest security, save talks locally.
  • You can correct grammar, brainstorm new ideas and create summaries
  • You can create your snippets and add keyboard shortcuts for easy access
  • It allows you to develop AI helpers that understand your projects and can complete any tasks on your to-do list
  • Create customised snippets with clear instructions for any type of work
  • Delegate marketing, sales, legal, and administrative chores to your new assistants
  • It can also be integrated into your digital ecosystem using Make, Zapier, or your API to perform tasks remotely
  • Track Stripe transactions and product sales
  • Track daily tasks with Todoist, Asana, ClickUp, or Notion
  • Keep track of development projects and sprints in Jira or Linea
  • It enables you to convert suggestions into keyboard shortcuts, automate repetitive chores, and allocate projects to personalised AI assistants.

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