Airflow can stream full 4K HDR HEVC files to TVs that support Chromecast Ultra, built-in, Apple TV 4K, and AirPlay 2. It will go out of its way not to touch the original video stream unless necessary for compatibility reasons, delivering the highest possible video quality with the least CPU load (your computer fans will thank you). This is not just another FFmpeg wrapper, as you might have seen elsewhere.

The unique video processing pipeline extends much beyond simply encapsulating FFmpeg and calling it a day. Airflow can handle almost any video format or codec you throw at it. And for those videos that are incompatible with your device, Airflow will handle them transparently, using hardware-accelerated transcoding if your computer supports it.

Airflow Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Video streaming. Stream full 4K HDR HEVC files to TVs that support Chromecast Ultra, Built-in, Apple TV 4K, and AirPlay 2. Ensures the greatest possible video quality at the lowest CPU burden.
  • Native HEVC streaming. This is the only desktop app capable of natively streaming HEVC videos to Apple TV and AirPlay 2 TVs, with hardware-accelerated transcoding. plays videos that are not compatible with your device.
  • Full multichannel support. Features include DD+ passthrough and Dolby Atmos support, as well as an adjustable volume booster and limiter. For late-night watching when you don’t want to bother your neighbors.
  • Spatial headphone downmixing. For surround sound videos.
  • Detailed A/V sync adjustments. To compensate for delays caused by individual equipment, such as Bluetooth headphones, use subtitles. All popular subtitle formats are now supported, including vobsub.
  • Real-time subtitle text recognition. Transparently extract text from photo subtitles and render it on the target device.
  • A companion app for the remote control. Control all features from your Android or iPhone.

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