Adnova lets you get ad inspiration and track your competitors’ methods so you can develop winning creatives in record time. With this tool, you can search over four million ads from platforms such as Facebook and TikTok—or save your favourites with the Chrome extension.

You can create inspiration boards to organize advertising by brand, media type, audience, and other criteria. Permanently save advertisements to your board including the ad language, creative, and CTA—even if they cease running on Facebook or TikTok.

Adnova Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Share your swipe file with prospects or your team using permissions like password protection
  • All you have to do is copy and paste a link to any brand’s Facebook Ad Library page to receive an in-depth analysis.
  • View a brand’s media mix, including how many advertisements are carousels, photos, or videos.
  • View a list of top landing sites to see where they direct the majority of their bought traffic.
  • You can find out how many ads they run over time to identify seasonal changes in their strategy. This platform allows you to keep all of your materials from clients, freelancers, and creative partners in one place.
  • Set up notifications to automatically notify people about new uploads
  • Add custom fields to track project revisions such as project status, due dates, and more.
  • It allows users to mark and comment on media files, providing more detailed input on any modifications.
  • Highlight particular parts of the screen so that everyone can see what has to be updated.
  • Stacking several copies of a file allows you to deconstruct millions of competition commercials and create spectacular creatives at scale.
  • Discover, save, and share successful Facebook and TikTok advertisements from popular brands.
  • Share creatives with clients, gather comments and deliver creatives quickly.

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