aBigGB is an online file-sharing platform that allows you to easily upload and share enormous files with a few clicks. It simplifies how you maintain and trade files. This platform prioritizes data protection, security, and a fast transmission process. It allows you to create unique links for file sharing in order to prevent content misuse.

Furthermore, aBigGB offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for navigating, uploading, and sharing your files with ease.

aBigGB Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Accepts all file kinds (documents, pictures, video, and audio).
  • Allows you to upload up to 1000 files at once.
  • The ability to upload and distribute huge files, with a maximum of 1000 files per upload.
  • Users can easily compress a folder containing more than 1000 files for seamless uploading.
  • The inclusion of a message box allows users to contribute context or more information.
  • Facilitates communication while also sharing various files.
  • Users can send messages and uploaded files by email directly from the platform.
  • Improves user experience by streamlining the communication process.
  • Allows users to create unique links for file sharing that are compatible with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Provides a handy way to exchange files without the need for unique email addresses.
  • Adds an extra degree of protection by guaranteeing that shared links and their content expire once the recipient downloads them.
  • Gives users control and peace of mind over the information they share.
  • Increases security by allowing users to set password protection for uploads.
  • Controls access by limiting it to approved users who have the correct password.
  • Determines the maximum file size for uploading based on the plan selected.
  • Users can simultaneously upload up to 1000 files.
  • Files are automatically deleted after a predetermined period, with the retention period varied depending on the plan selected.
  • Users should review each plan to ensure it aligns with their storage and data retention requirements.
  • Allows users to preview files before downloading.
  • Allows users to validate the file’s eligibility, ensuring that it meets their unique requirements.
  • Users can see uploaded files with information like ID, email address, total size, deletion date, and download count.
  • There are options for opening and deleting files.
  • The total storage used and assigned can be verified.
  • Users can personalize their experience by setting their own backgrounds.
  • Personalization options include favorite photographs, relaxing landscapes, and inspirational words.
  • Option to add a hyperlink to the chosen backdrop.
  • The feature allows users to grant access to team members or collaborators.
  • Facilitates material exchange and coordination, resulting in increased workflow efficiency.
  • Improves teamwork, resulting in a more productive and engaging user experience.
  • This represents the overall storage capacity for all users.
  • Includes the total storage accessible for individual accounts inside the platform.
abiggb dealfuel price
abiggb dealfuel price

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